We supply only the professional retailer: for this reason Price & Order function on our website is only available for registered users.

In the section below we inform you how ordering online works best for you!
Please contact us with any questions you might have.

Online Order Registration


You are a NEW customer to MB Holdings Australia P/L? Welcome!
To get you registered, please download the Customer Information Sheet, and fax your signed form to our administration, Fax no.: (02) 4648-1855.


Your registration will be reviewed by our sales department.
On approval, we will send you your personal log-in name & password. Please note registration approval can take up to 24 hours.

Please see our Privacy Policy for our commitment in guarding your personal details. Go to Privacy Policy.


You can call us at (02) 4648-1810, or  email an Online Order Registration Request , and we will send you your Username & Password.
You can personalise your password on your first log in or later on in the My Account section.
Please note online order registration request can take up to 24 hours.

Your registration to our site will be reviewed by our sales department. On approval, we will send you your personal login name & password.
Please see our Privacy Policy for our commitment in guarding your personal details.
Go to Privacy Policy.

My Account

At the top of each page on our site, you find the My Account button.
Here, enter the given Username & Password details. If you “tick” the “Remember me” box, next time you go to our site you will be automatically logged in.

After you logged in, you will be directed to the My Account page. Here you can view previous placed orders, manage your account details and change your password.

Using the top-bar navigation, press Showroom to enter immediately to our range of products. You are ready to order!

Product Categories

Positioned on the left of the screen, the conveniently grouped categories & sub-categories allow you to choose your products of interest.
“Specials”, don’t forget to check this section before you check out.


Each product immediately shows  you important information like SKU number & Price.
Items with a “select options” button offers you the choice from particular available product variations like colours, & sizes.

After you select the option, you can easily apply the number of items you would like to stock. Please note the system automatically displays the MOQ for each product, based on standard inner or packaging quantity.

Add to cart will place your order on the order form.
You can now add more items to your order or go to the check-out page and finalise your order.

Check Out

The main navigation bar travels with you on all product pages you visit.
Just “hoover” over the shopping basket icon, on the right side of the bar, and it shows you what you have listed so far during your order session.

Click on “View Cart” to see your order list in more detail: increase or decrease order quantities.
Click on “Checkout” to check your delivery details, review your order list and finalise by sending your order to us.

Processing your order

Once your order has been sent, we will automatically sent you a detailed order confirmation to your listed email address.
Please use the Order No in this conformation for your referral.

Your order will now be processed and we will contact you when ready for Pick-Up or schedule a Delivery Time with you.